Amritara Private Hideaways

Amritara Private Hideaways

Amritara is focused on the leisure travel segment with an accent on providing our guests with a rejuvenating, real life experiences. Amritara hideaways can be classified into the following categories:

  1. Lifestyle Centric
  2. Nostalgic Vintage Journeys
  3. Spiritual Experiences
  4. Outdoor Bound

Amritara has become a leading provider of exciting adventures  and luxury stays Pan India.

#AmritaraInKerala Campaign

Remember that 25-year-old man with the Rs 10 Lakh income? Well, we can even reach his father! We used Social Media to create a buzz around Amritara properties in Kerala by strategically creating an outflow of information about the beautiful area in which the project was situated. The content highlighted the awe-inspiring sights and activities that surrounded the properties. The campaign generated a marked increase in customer interaction and put Kerela on the radar

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