Doner Grill

Design, Advertising and Marketing for Doner Grill

Doner Grill is a restaurant chain specializing in serving German style Turkish Doners, and some of them also have an Indian twist! Doner Grill is well known for having a health conscious yet palate pleasing array of dishes, making Doners a unique food being served in India!

In June 2016, we launched the #DelhikaDoner campaign for Doner Grill. Keeping in mind Delhi’s tastes and adapting to the local palette, Doner Grill is launched two new flavours – Butter Chicken and Butter Paneer.

To launch and promote these two new Doners, we came up with the #DelhiKaDoner campaign.
We employed the use of local stereotypes and adapted them to witty headlines crafted in typically Delhilingo. In addition, these headlines play on the sheer love for butter chicken that’s almost like a religion for many – how one can get super possessive about it  (“Baap ka doner samajh rakha hai?”), how one has to get out of the house to get a fix (“Why go to Pandara when it can come to you?”), right down to the pride that a dilliwala feels for their butter chicken (“World Famous in Delhi”). The campaign explores the institution that this flavour is, even taking vegetarians into account with the Butter Paneer Doner (“Aaj toh Mera Tuesday Hai”).

To showcase just how deep this insight goes, we created a series of posters, social media posts, ads, hoardings, film concepts and even came up with branding ideas inside the franchise, right down to a re-branding of the delivery scooters.

Doner Grill is run by two young enthusiastic individuals Ankur Pujara and Arjun Chaddha. We began working with Doner Grill in December 2015, and it’s truly been a pleasure. Order their delicious food from the Doner Grill website

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