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Keventers : Branding, Design, Merchandise & Social Media Marketing

Keventers has become widely renowned as the best Milkshakes in Delhi, as well as in India as a whole in recent times, bringing back the nostalgia of Keventers which began in 1925 by Edward Keventers. Now the original Keventers brand is being revived to provide the next generation with premium quality fresh Keventers’ milkshakes. Once again, the world can experience the unforgettable appeal of a ‘Keventers’ shake. The original milkshake is back!

We started working with Keventers in October 2015 when we mainly focused on social media, reputation management and menu design. In 2016, we started working on a campaign called “It takes you back”.

It takes you back – Campaign for Keventers

Capitalising on the nostalgia that surrounds Keventers, India’s oldest milkshake brand, we created a social media and print campaign focused on reliving the 90s life. This targeted Keventers potential customer base of young adults and also won over children and teens given the popularity of the nineties in pop culture at the time.